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Jennifer Medvec

Financial Mindset &

Business Coach

I've been a Single Mom for over 10 yrs. I was barley ​surviving on $900 a month with 3 small kids.

One day I decided to STOP letting my finances ​decide my future and my self worth.

When I took back power over my money, my life ​choices changed and that's what I want for YOU. I ​see YOU because I have been YOU.

Having a multiple stream of income is not only ​smart but IMPERATIVE to your financial future.

You NEVER know what might happen.

Child support eventually ends and even ​sometimes stops coming, lay offs, company ​downsizing etc. and whatever else life throws at ​you and then your left with that what the hell am ​I going to do now feeling.

I can show you the exact proven steps I used to ​build a successful business. Without sacrificing ​more time away from home,without working that ​2nd or 3rd job.

I will show you how to make a consistant ​income that I have been able to do for over a ​year now with my How To Make Money On ​Poshmark course and Poshmark Business ​Starter Kit, my clients are crushing it too!

I can show you how to find YOUR OWN passion ​and bring it to life with my Business and ​Budgeting course that shows you from start to ​finish how to start your own business and how ​to budget for it, plus you will proudly receive my ​SingleMomsRockingFinances Certificate of ​Achievement Award upon completion!

Not sure where your passion is or if it REALLY ​can be a business. Let's talk about it over a ​coffee call.

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I followed Jen's tips and I am making more


sales and more money that I ever have!


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